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Summer Time Allergy & Flea Alert

July 11, 2011

WOW! We’ve seen a big outbreak of dogs and cats scratching like crazy here as in our veterinary clinic in Troy Ohio .


If you or your family have noticed more hay fever this year, then you know it’s been a bad allergy year. Well, doggie and kitty hay fever often shows up as itchy skin. The allergies start in the spring with the first warm days. Right now, we seem to be seeing large numbers of really uncomfortable pets.

We see intense itching, scratching, scabs, raw red spots with pus (Hot Spots) and ear infections.

What can you do? First, your veterinarian may be able to suggest medicines which you have at home that may help. If home remedies don’t help, you may need more potent medicines, allergy tests and desensitizing allergy shots, special diets and soothing shampoo.

Finally, FLEAS have been a real problem too. Flea bites on top of already itchy skin drive your pet crazy!

Control those fleas and allergies for your pet’s comfort and yours too!