AAHA Accreditation-Why it’s Important for You and Your Pet

When you visit our hospital or website you may notice that we are an American Animal Hospital Association  (AAHA) accredited practice. What, you may wonder though, does that mean?

AAHA is the only organization that accredits animal hospitals throughout the US and Canada. In human medicine, all hospitals that serve Medicare patients must be accredited. Accreditation is not mandatory for veterinary hospitals though. Veterinary hospitals voluntarily choose to be evaluated to see if they meet AAHA standards. Only about 15% of veterinary hospitals are accredited.

Why is this accreditation important to you and your pet? These are some of the criteria listed on AAHA’s www.healthypet.com website that need to be met in order for a veterinary hospital to receive accreditation.

  • The standards require hospitals to provide diagnostic services (x-ray and laboratory) so that they can quickly and accurately diagnose your pet.
  • The standards focus on the quality of care in the areas of: anesthesia, contagious diseases, dentistry, pain management, patient care, surgery and emergency care.
  • Accredited hospitals have an onsite pharmacy (another standards area) so they can begin treatment immediately.
  • AAHA standards also require that medical records be thorough and complete which helps them to better understand your pet’s medical history and how past health issues might be impacting their current medical status.

There is no guarantee that a veterinary hospital seeking accreditation will receive it. Each hospital is evaluated and must score a certain number of points for each standard they meet to receive accreditation. After initial accreditation, they must continue to be re-evaluated every three years to maintain it.
We are happy to have been an AAHA accredited hospital for the past 29 years and we feel that you and your pets deserve the best care possible.

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