Boarding Your Pet

You’re finally getting ready to go on that big vacation you’ve been planning all year. The tickets are bought and your bags are packed, but there’s just one more thing you need to do, drop your pet off for boarding. Just as you’ve prepared for your trip away from home, you can prepare things for your pet as well.

Things that you should bring with your pet:


  • Food-If your pet has a certain type of food they like or if they are on a special diet, you may wish to bring it along with  instructions on how much and how often  they eat.


  • Toys-Does your dog have a favorite squeaky toy? Does your kitty have a favorite catnip mouse? Bring it along


  •  Bed-If your pet has a usual sleeping spot at home, you can bring it for your pet as well. Most pet beds, unless extremely large, will fit in our boarding spaces.


  • Cage-If you are boarding a bird, small animal or reptile, it’s often best to bring them in their cage. They will be more comfortable in familiar surroundings.


  •  Medications-If your pet is on any medications, please be sure to bring them as well, along with any instructions on how and when they are given.


  • Contact information-While most pets do just fine while staying with us, things do occasionally crop up, especially in older pets. Make sure you leave a number where you can be contacted, or if you are going to be totally unavailable, the number of someone else whom you trust to make decisions about your pets.


  • Boarding form-You can download our boarding form  at Boarding Form, then you can have it filled out before you drop your pet off.


We do require that your pet be up-to-date on their vaccinations, so if your pet has received its vaccinations elsewhere, be sure to bring along a copy of its shot records. If you have more than one pet that is boarding and they are best friends at home, we can board them in the same cage together as well. If your pet needs any veterinary work done:  check up, teeth cleaning, heartworm test, etc., we can also take care of that for you during their stay.

We want you to have a fun filled vacation, and knowing that your pet is safe and being cared for in your absence is part of that.

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