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Getting to Know Us

September 7, 2012

You may not see our kennel staff as much as you do our receptionists, but they are just as important to the care of your pet. Our kennel staff care for your pet when they are in the hospital, whether it be for a surgical procedure, because they are ill, or if they’re just boarding with us while you’re away. They walk your dog several times daily, make sure the cats have clean litter boxes and that everyone is fed and clean. They also get to know your pets and are able to report back to the doctors on anything out of the ordinary. Today I’d like to introduce you to Tia.

Tia has worked for us for one year. She applied here because she enjoys working with animals. She has an adorable kitten named Keira and a dog named Shelby, who is a husky/greyhound mix. She and her boyfriend Adam live here in Troy.  Tia says, “I love getting to know the pets and owners. I also love seeing animals bounce back from being sick. I also love coming to a work environment where everyone has the same goal. I’m an avid reader and I love going out to sing Karaoke a few times a week. I was a criminal psych major before I decided to make pet care my career.”

You can recognize Tia when she comes up to get your pets by her big smile that’s always present.