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Veterinary Technicians

October 15, 2012

There are a variety of jobs at a veterinary hospital: veterinarians of course, receptionists, kennel staff, office managers and last, but certainly not least, veterinary technicians.

Veterinary technicians are the nurses of veterinary medicine. In Ohio, you must have a two or four year degree from an accredited college and pass a board exam to receive a degree in veterinary technology. They do more than just nursing though. If you had to list out all of their duties, you would include at least parts of some of the following fields.

Dental hygienist
Radiology technician
Surgery assistant
Ultrasound technician
Nurse Anesthetist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Laboratory Technician
Many technicians also assist with reception and kennel duties as well.

While you may not see our technicians as often as you do the veterinarians and receptionists, they play an integral and important part in taking care of your pets.

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