Energetic Ferrets

Last week we described what is involved with having a ferret as a pet, this week we’d like to share an article written by Dr. Peterson on ways to enrich your ferret’s environment.

The ferret is another popular pet that appreciates the value of fun. The energy, joy and curiosity level of a ferret at play is boundless. Although a ferret enjoys nap time, it needs to be allowed multiple daily opportunities to get out and run around. Ferrets are known for ingesting small bits of cloth and plastic objects, such as kids’ toys, so be sure to ferret-proof the room designated for them to play in. Also, ferrets should never be allowed unsupervised around infants.

Ferrets enjoy tubes to run through, such as sections of PVC drain pipe or clothes dryer exhaust tubing. They also like pushing ping pong balls, exploring empty paper sacks or cardboard boxes or crawling around in an old pair of blue jeans. Most ferrets will get along with a companion ferret, and they will have enormous fun tussling and chasing each other.

If you’d like more information on ferret proofing you can read “Ferret Proofing Your Home” at Everything Ferret, www.everythingferret.com/ferret_proofing.htm

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