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Things Your Pets are Thankful For

November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving was this past week and many of us spent time thinking of things and people we are thankful for. If our pets could talk, these are the things that they might tell you they are thankful for.

Nutritious food and regular meals
Clean water to drink (or for some to splash in)
A warm bed to sleep in at night, preferably in your home out of the elements
Daily interaction with you, most pets enjoy hearing you talk to them, even if they don’t understand what you’re saying
Proper grooming: pets appreciate not having fur full of mats or overgrown nails
Proper medical care: Whether it’s routine vaccinations or seeing a veterinarian when they’re not feeling well, pets appreciate owners who look out for their health and well being.

For Dogs:
Regular exercise. Just as most people would get bored sitting in a home 24/7, so do dogs. There’s a whole, wide world out there waiting to be sniffed. Exercise also has the bonus of  ‘a tired dog is a good dog’.
Chew toys-most dogs like to chew on things, and appropriate toys that they can chew, or even destroy, are appreciated
A collar with proper ID and a microchip, that way if they get lost, they can find their way back home to you
Training:  Dogs like to know what you want and training tells them that. They also enjoy interacting with you. Even if they’re never going to do competitive obedience, you and your dog will be thankful for basic training.

For Cats:
A scratching post. Cats need something to remove old claw sheaths on and it also provides them a good opportunity to stretch
Clean litter boxes. Your cat will be thankful for a nice clean litter box to use everyday.

For Birds:
Toys to destroy. Birds are thankful for new and interesting toys to rip up and destroy.
Time out of their cage: If you have a parrot, cockatoo, cockatiel or a breed similar to them, they will appreciate time out of their cage and interacting with you every day.

Most of all, pets are thankful to have an owner who loves them and cares for them.