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The Importance of Wellness Exams at Troy Animal Hospital

July 9, 2013

Everyone knows that when your pet is ill it’s time to take it to Troy Animal Hospital . But did you know that annual examinations for your healthy pet could help you avoid some of those sick pet visits?

In the wild, an animal that appears ill is seen as an easy target for predators, so many species have learned to hide early signs of illness. While our pets are no longer fending for themselves, those instincts are still there. This is especially true for pets that are not as far removed from their wild ancestors, such as birds and small animals. By the time most birds start showing signs of illness, they are usually very sick. Cats and dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years, but even for them, those instincts to hide their illnesses are still present.

Many diseases or conditions, when caught early, are much easier to treat. Depending on the condition/illness involved, that means shorter hospital stays, less invasive surgery or less medication for your pet. This also means fewer medical bills for you.  Your pet’s long term prognosis will usually be much better as well.

The veterinarians at Troy Animal Hospital know what to look for when examining your pet, such as early signs of cancer, dental disease, infections, metabolic diseases and more. Routine blood work, especially in older pets can catch signs of early kidney or liver problems, as well as other disorders, while they’re still treatable.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, is just as true for our animal friends as it is for humans. We at Troy Animal Hospital would love to help you keep your pet healthy and happy for many years to come.