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Why Veterinary Dental Care is Important

July 24, 2013

Imagine going the last ten or more years without ever brushing your teeth. It sounds disgusting right? Well, for most pets, it’s reality. Pets can have many of the same issues with their teeth that their owners do. Some common problems seen by Troy vets are:

Plaque: a combination of bacteria, saliva and food

Tartar or calculus: plaque that has hardened and attached to the tooth enamel.

Fractured teeth: This can range from minor chips to teeth that are completely split in half. Teeth can also be broken off at the gum line with only the root remaining.

Gingivitis or gum inflammation

Periodontal Disease : which can cause pockets between the gum and the teeth where debris can collect leading to infections below the gum line.

Just as in humans, some of these conditions can be very painful. Animals however, are often very good at hiding when they’re in pain and many will continue to eat even with broken teeth and infected gums. Therefore, it’s important to have your local Troy veterinarian check your pet’s teeth whenever it’s in for an annual check-up, or whenever it’s showing signs of possible dental problems, such as: loss of appetite, excessive drooling or dropping food while eating. Dental radiographs can be taken to see what’s going on below the gum line, especially if your vet suspects that there may be root decay or damage that’s not apparent.

We offer dental exams at no charge and can perform teeth cleanings any day Monday-Friday. If you think your pet may be having issues with its teeth, call us so that we can check it out and insure that your pet remains happy, healthy and pain free.