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What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Surgery at Troy Animal Hospital

October 17, 2013

Bringing a pet in for an anesthetic procedure can be stressful for both you and your pet. Knowing how your pet is anesthetized and the steps we take at Troy Animal Hospital to ensure your pet’s well being can help reduce your worry though.

First, your pet is given a complete physical by one of our veterinarians. Its temperature, pulse and respiration are noted as well as any possible conditions that need to be considered when performing anesthesia. It’s important that you leave a number where we can reach you in case the doctor has any questions about your pet.  Preanesthetic blood work is performed if needed and injections for pain and an antibiotic are given.

There are different types of anesthetic agents that can be used. The veterinarian will determine which is best and safest for your pet based on its health and what procedure is being done.  The anesthetic may be in the form of a single injection, or may involve being placed on a gas anesthetic for longer procedures.

Once your pet is anesthetized, it is placed on a monitor to keep track of its vital signs, these can include temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and more. We use heating pads to help prevent your pet from becoming too chilled while anesthetized and our surgery table is also heated.

Your pet is monitored post-op till it is awake enough to go back to its kennel.  Any post operative pain injections, or other medications are given. We provide blankets for your pet to help ensure it is comfortable and warm.  Technicians and kennel staff keep an eye on your pet during its recover and will notify the doctors of any potential problems.

Most pets will go home that evening or stay overnight in the hospital and go home the next day. You are more than welcome to call and check on your pet to see how it’s doing.  We know that having your pet away from home is stressful but we will do all we can to ensure its safety and comfort while away from home.

  Here at Troy Animal Hospital we work hard to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your beloved pets. You can reach us at