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Gift Ideas for Your Pet: An Article by Troy Animal Hospital

November 26, 2013

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about what to get our loved ones for Christmas and for animal lovers, that includes our feathered and furry family members. What might your pet friend like to find in his or her stocking this year? Here are a few ideas.


What does your canine friend like to do for fun? Is he a chewer? There are a wide variety of chew toys/items for dogs, ranging from rawhide, rubber toys, Nylabone products , Greenies , different Kong toys and more. Many of the Kong products also have the advantage of being stuffable . There are also a wide variety of dog toys that you can get for your dog: stuffed toys, rope toys and the ever popular tennis ball

Maybe a new comfy dog bed is in your pup’s future? There are a wide variety of beds, from pillow beds, heated beds, bolster beds and even orthopedic beds for older dogs. If your dog doesn’t need a new bed, perhaps a new collar or harness. Make sure he has next year’s license and an ID tag to go along with it. Older dogs might appreciate a ramp or set of stairs to help them get on or off of the bed, furniture or in and out of the car.


What about your feline friends? Many cats like to play and appreciate new toys. You don’t always have to spend much or any money though. For many cats, a cardboard box with a few holes cut in it is as much fun as whatever was in the box or a paper grocery bag set on the floor can provide much amusement.  Cats often like small toys they can bat around such as furry mice and balls, adding catnip to them often makes it even better. Many cats like fishing pole types of toys that they can chase around. Laser pointers are popular as well.

Cat furniture is also a  good idea. Even declawed cats like to climb up and perch on different types of cat trees and they come in different types of material, such as wood and sisal for sharpening posts for kitties with their claws.

Another useful item for your cat is a good carrier. These come in a wide array of styles and colors. Look for one that is large enough for your cat to turn around in and that has an easy removable top. This will make getting your cat out much easier than trying to pull him out of a small front door.

We haven’t forgotten our feathered friends and smaller pets, such as rabbits and rodents. We’ll have more ideas for them in an upcoming blog.


Here at Troy Animal Hospital we work hard to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your beloved pets. You can reach us at


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