The Importance of Veterinary Dental Radiology for Your Pet

Have you ever been to the dentist and had radiographs performed of your teeth? Most people have. Did you know that there is also dental radiology for your pets? It’s just as important for your pets as your radiographs at the dentist are for you. Only half of a tooth is visible, the other half is under the gum where problems and disease can’t be seen.

 We’re happy at Troy Animal Hospital to be able to offer dental radiology for your pets. Here are just a few of the benefits of dental radiology:

  •  Fractures of the tooth under the gum line can be seen on radiograph. Also we can assess fractures seen above the gum line to see if the tooth needs to be extracted.
  • Abscesses can be visualized on radiographs that might otherwise be missed.

  • When a tooth is discolored, we can use radiographs to help see inside the tooth to see what’s going on.

  • If a tooth is fractured and needs to be extracted, dental radiographs can help the veterinarian see the root structure of the tooth before and after removing it, to ensure all of the root has been removed.teeth-edited

  • If a tooth is missing, we can use dental radiology to see if the roots are still present and need to be extracted or if the tooth never erupted properly.

  • We can see how healthy the bone around the teeth is, this is especially important in older pets.

  • Cysts can be found on radiograph

These are just a few uses of dental radiology in veterinary medicine. We at Troy Animal believe in providing you and your pet the best possible medical care and providing dental care, including radiology, is part of that commitment.

Here at Troy Animal Hospital we work hard to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your beloved pets. You can reach us at


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