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The Wire Fox Terrier: an article by Troy Animal Hospital

March 31, 2014

If you watched The Westminster Kennel Club’s annual dog show last month, you would have seen a Wire Fox Terrier named GCH Afterall Painting the Sky   walk away with the win. Fox Terriers have won more best-in-shows than any other breed of dog.

Fox Terriers come in two types, Smooth and Wire, which are considered separate breeds by the AKC. According to the American Fox Terrier Club , the two varieties likely have different ancestry, the Wires probably coming from rough coated terriers and the Smooths from black and tan terriers, Bull Terriers, Greyhounds and Beagles. They became popular in England in the late 18th century and were used for “going to ground” to chase foxes out of their dens.

Both breeds are active dogs, as most terriers are. They can do well in agility and obedience competitions. They can also compete in Earthdog competitions. According to the AKC , “the purpose of non-competitive Earthdog tests is to offer breeders and owners of small Terriers and Dachshunds a standardized gauge to measure their dogs’ natural aptitude and trained hunting and working behaviors when exposed to an underground hunting situation. The noncompetitive program begins with a basic introduction to den work and quarry and progresses through gradual steps to require the dog to demonstrate that it is willing to perform the required tasks including seeking its quarry, locating and working it underground.” Fox Terriers have also been seen in circuses and on the big screen in movies.

Wire Fox Terriers are mostly white with markings of typically, black, brown and tan.  They are usually 15 to 19 pounds in weight. Their coat is as you would guess, wiry and should not be long and curly. These are active dogs and as such need someone willing to give them the exercise they need. They like to dig and bark, since that is part of what they were bred to do, and that can become an issue if they’re not given enough mental and physical exercise. They are generally healthy dogs, living up to 13 years on average.

If you’re interested in owning a Wire Fox Terrier, you can find breeders at American Fox Terrier Clubs Breeder Referral page American Fox Terrier Rescue or on Petfinder .  We at Troy Animal Hospital will be happy to help you keep your new pet healthy and happy.


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