Fun DIY Toys for Pocket Pets

Do you have a pet hamster, gerbil, or rabbit? To keep your little furball happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide a suitable habitat, a proper diet, and stimulation. Toys are actually very important for your little furball’s happiness. Life in a cage can get pretty boring, so to keep the little one entertained, you’ll need to give your tiny pet some fun playthings. Fortunately, buying toys for pocket pets doesn’t have to cost very much. Below, your local vet Troy offers suggestions for fun toys you can make for your pocket pet out of everyday household items.

Tunnels and Mazes

Little furballs love to explore mazes and tunnels! You can make your pet some fun and cute mazes by using cardboard rolls or PVC pipe. Even old soup cans can be cleaned and repurposed into little tunnels. Just be sure to file down any sharp edges.

Wooden Toys

Wooden chew toys are beneficial to many pocket pets. These little guys have teeth that are meant to be ground down by chewing on tough fibers. Domestic pets don’t have very hard food, so they need chew toys to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Wooden spoons, boxes, and other shapes can be lots of fun for your furry pal. Just be sure to avoid giving your fuzzy little pal anything that has been treated with chemicals, paint, or dyes.


Pinecones can actually be quite fun for larger pocket pets! Rabbits in particular really love them. Just be sure to thoroughly wash pinecones before handing it over to your furball.

Egg Cartons

An empty egg carton is a very easy way to keep your little buddy amused. To make it even more fun, hide a treat under some hay, herbs, or tissue paper!

Straw and Wicker

Shapes and baskets woven out of straw or wicker can also make great toys. As with wooden toys, be sure not to give your pet anything that has been stained with dyes, varnish, or chemicals.

When choosing toys for your tiny furball, always put the little one’s safety first. Never give your pocket pal anything with sharp edges or small pieces that could hurt or choke him. Plastic can also be iffy, as some pets like to chew it, and can get very sick if they ingest pieces.

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