Five Crucial Tips for Keeping Your Bird Happy

Do you have a pet bird? These colorful little animals are very charming, and have a very loyal fan base. Keeping a bird happy and healthy is quite different than caring for a dog or cat, however, so first-time bird owners will face a learning curve. In this article, your local Tipp City vet gives 5 key tips for keeping your bird happy.


Birds are very curious and active, and need lots of stimulation. If Polly just sits in her cage all day, she will quickly grow lonely, frustrated, and bored. To keep your bird entertained and content, you’ll need to provide plenty of toys. Climbing toys, puzzle toys, chew toys, swings, bells, and hanging toys are all fun for birds to play with.


You wouldn’t want to sit in a cage all the time, would you? Polly doesn’t either. Pet birds require time outside of their cages each day in order to stay happy and healthy. Remember to bird-proof any rooms your pet will be allowed access to before letting her out to play!


Our feathered friends are capable of forming very close bonds with their humans. The more you interact with Polly, the more relaxed and friendly she will become. Don’t force a timid bird to play, but let your pet pick the pace. Talking to your bird might even prompt her to answer back!

A Varied Menu

Just like humans, birds like some variety in their diet. You can give Polly commercial bird food for her main menu, but that alone isn’t sufficient. To round out her nutritional regimen and add variety, you’ll need to supplement her basic diet with other foods. Fresh fruits and veggies, whole-wheat pasta, and the occasional egg are a few things birds can enjoy. Just always make sure to look up a specific food to ensure that it is safe for birds before giving it to your pet.


Where you place your bird’s cage will have a huge effect on your pet’s happiness. Birds are very sociable, and enjoy interacting with their humans. If you put Polly in a back bedroom, the isolation may make her unhappy. Keep your bird in a safe but active area, and place bird-safe plants near her cage to make her feel at home.

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