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The Cat’s Meow

April 1, 2015

Is your kitty talkative? Does Fluffy meow to greet you when you come home, and often answer back when spoken to? Or does your furball save her dialogue for dinnertime? Our feline friends are unique animals in many different ways. One area in which your kitty’s personality will really stand out is her vocalizations. Some kitties are generally quiet, while others are quite chatty. Other kitties even like to argue! In this article, your Tipp City vet talks about Kitty’s trademark sound.

Is Fluffy Manipulating You?

One thing that is interesting about kitties is that they rarely meow at one another. Kittens will meow at their mommies, but once Fluffy reaches adulthood, she usually only speaks to her human ‘servants’. Scientists actually suspect that cats perfected the meow as a way to manipulate people. Our feline friends have actually managed to fine-tune their meows to mimic the cries of human babies. As you may have noticed, looking and sounding super cute comes in very handy when trying to score dinner!

Talkative Kitties

While all kitties are definitely unique, some breeds are more talkative than others are. The Siamese, for instance, is renowned for being rather loud. Maine Coons are another chatty breed, and often use adorable chirping sounds to communicate. Some of the quieter cat breeds include the Birman, Persian, Ragdoll, and Pixiebob.

Other Kitty Sounds

Fluffy’s vocabulary isn’t limited to just a simple meow. Our feline friends can actually make about 100 different sounds. Some of Kitty’s other vocalizations have been described as chirps, beeps, trills, chattering, burbling, yowling, wailing, growling, hissing, and, in at least one instance, barking. Some kitties make a clacking noise when observing birds. Cats that are not fixed often ‘sing’ to attract mates when they are feeling amorous. Some kitties even like to argue with their owners, but that’s another topic!

Warning Signs

A sudden change in meowing habits can often indicate a medical issue in our feline friends. If your kitty is usually quiet, and then starts meowing loudly, she could be ill. The reverse is also true: a chatty cat that suddenly stops vocalizing may be in pain. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any changes in your furry friend’s speech.

Does your cat need veterinary care? Does Fluffy need shots or an examination? Please contact us, your local Tipp City vet clinic. We are happy to help!

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