Adorable Tricks You Can Teach Your Hamster

Did you know that you can show your pet hamster some super cute tricks? Hamsters may not be renowned performers, but these little furballs are definitely capable of learning some fun and simple tricks. In this article, your Troy vet describes some super cute tricks you can show your hamster.


Before moving on to more complicated tricks, have your hamster learn a few basics. First and foremost, you’ll want to be sure your tiny furball is comfortable being held. Getting the little one to learn how to take a treat from your hand is a great starting point. The steps for this are simple: reach into Hammie’s cage with one of his favorite treats, and coax him to take it. It may take some time for him to get brave enough to grab the treat, but that’s fine.

Coming When Called

One of the easiest tricks you can teach a hamster is to come when called. Get the little guy used to the sound of his name by talking to him when you feed or pet him. After a few weeks, try holding out a small treat, and call your hamster by name. After a while, Hammie will get the hang of it, and will come running when he hears his name.

Jumping Through Hoops

You can repurpose the top of an ice cream or whipped cream container or use an embroidery hoop for this trick. Hold the hoop out in front of your hamster with one hand. With the other hand, hold a treat out, so that your furball has to go through the hoop to get the treat. Once Hammie has this down, raise the hoop slightly off the ground. Proceed from there, lifting the hoop slightly higher as Hammie learns the trick.

Spinning in Circles

To get your hamster to spin in circles, you’ll first have to get him used to taking treats from your hand. Hold out one of Hammie’s favorite snacks. When he approaches, say ‘Spin’ and move the treat in a circle.
Remember, when training any animal, consistency, patience, and repetition are the keys. Always use positive reinforcements, such as treats. When working with hamsters, use tiny treats, so you don’t end up overfeeding the little one.

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