Homemade Toys for Birds

Does your home include a birdcage and a colorful feathered friend? Birds are both charming and lovely, and make fantastic pets. Our avian pals can get restless and bored living in a cage, so to keep a bird happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide a variety of toys. Polly’s playthings should be changed every few days, to keep her from getting bored. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank keeping your little buddy amused. Read this article for suggestions for homemade bird toys, as put forth by your Tipp City veterinarian.

Baby Link Toys

The large plastic rings that are sold as child’s toys can make great playthings for your pet. You can link several together, or tie an old shredded or braided sock around it and dangle that from it.

Popsicle Stick Toys

There are quite a few ways to turn popsicle sticks into fun toys for Polly. You can tie several together to make a ladder, put them together in various shapes. Just be sure to check for sharp edges, and use a bird-safe method of fastening them together. A beaded rope is one cute option.


Many birds absolutely love swings! You can make your own out of leather, bamboo, green branches, artificial flowers, or even paper.

Foraging Toys

There are many different options for foraging toys. You can use a Dixie cup, egg carton, or raisin box, and fill it with frozen fruit, cereal, or pasta. Your bird will have to work for her snacks, and can stay entertained for hours.

Hanging Toys

You can make fun hanging toys with chains of pasta, popcorn, nuts, berries or cereal. Another option is to hang an old book or phone book in the corner of the cage, and let your feathered pet tear it apart.

Remember, whether buying or making bird toys, safety should come first. Never give your bird anything with small pieces that could choke her. Also, keep an eye out for any sharp edges that could cut your pet. Some birds can hurt themselves with rope toys or by eating plastic, so you’ll want to monitor your bird during playtime.

Do you have any questions about caring for a pet bird? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. As your local Tipp City veterinary clinic, we are here to provide top-notch animal care services.

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