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Losing Weight With Your Dog

June 15, 2015

Are you trying to drop a few pounds? Does your canine pal also need to lose weight? Man’s Best Friend can be a fun exercise partner! In this article by a Tipp City veterinarian, you’ll learn a few tricks for losing weight with your dog.


Make sure to take your canine pal on at least two daily walks. Interval training is a great way for both you and Fido to get in shape. Walk for two minutes, and then jog for one. Another option is doing ‘Fetch Sit-ups’. Toss your pooch a toy, and do a crunch while he’s retrieving it. When he returns the toy, repeat. You can also play a human-friendly version of fetch with your pooch. Throw a stick or toy, and then race your dog to it. Stair runs are another great way for both you and Fido to get in shape.


Man’s Best Friend is a master beggar. It’s hard to resist those big sad eyes, but it’s for Fido’s own good! If your pooch is already spoiled in this area, pull a bait and switch, and give him a baby carrot or a string bean when he begs. Dogs also have been known to snatch treats from counters and trashcans. Use a doggy gate to keep Fido out of the kitchen while you’re cooking, and get garbage cans with secure lids.


Feed your pup the best food you can afford. The more nutritious your pup’s meals are, the less hungry he will be afterwards. Remember to pay attention to portion sizes. It’s very easy to accidentally overfeed your pooch!

Safety Tips

Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s meal plans. Never put Fido on a crash diet, as this is very bad for him! Also, keep in mind that some dogs are not good candidates for strenuous exercise or marathons. Dogs with short legs will tire out much more quickly than their taller counterparts. Pups with those cute pushed-in faces, like bulldogs and pugs, can’t pant very well, and are in greater danger of overheating. Always put Fido’s safety first: never overexert a senior dog, and don’t push Fido too hard in hot weather!

Do you have questions about your dog’s diet or exercise plan? Call us! As your Tipp City vet clinic, we are happy to help with all your pet’s veterinary care needs!