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Don’t Dismiss These Unusual Senior Cat Behaviors

July 1, 2015

Your senior cat Oscar enjoys being unpredictable. This ten-year-old feline housemate likes to lurk around corners and ambush you, although he keeps his claws and teeth in check. Sometimes, he gets a burst of energy and tries to scale the curtains. You’re amused by his antics, and you’re glad he’s healthy. However, you stay alert because your companion is susceptible to age-related medical conditions, some of which might show strange symptoms. Fortunately, your Tipp City, OH vet can diagnose and treat Oscar’s medical problems.

Nutrition and Weight Abnormalities

You can partly attribute Oscar’s good health to his regular playtime sessions. Although he has slowed down, he remains active. This consistent exercise, plus a vet-recommended diet, have helped to stabilize his weight.

However, suppose he has recently been leaving uneaten food. Or, maybe his appetite is unchanged, but he has become thinner. Either way, he needs a physical exam and nutritional counseling.

Urinary and Intestinal Issues

Oscar has been with your family since kitten-hood, and he’s never had a urinary accident. However, perhaps he recently left several horrible-smelling cat urine puddles on your hardwood floor. His water consumption has also changed. Take him to the vet before his symptoms worsen.

Your considerate companion has exemplary defecation behaviors. He even scratches litter over his deposits. However, maybe he recently suffered several humiliating episodes of diarrhea. You don’t want him to become dehydrated, and you want to determine what happened. Take him to the vet immediately.

Anti-Social Actions

After wrapping you around his little paws, Oscar convinced you to give him daily brushing and belly rub sessions. For that blissful half hour, he drops his “King of the House” attitude and soaks up the attention.

However, maybe he has recently been running away when you approach him. He has also growled at familiar family members. Ask the vet if your cat’s anti-social antics might stem from a medical or behavioral issue.

Diagnostic Tools and Techniques

To pinpoint Oscar’s problem, your vet can use many diagnostic tools and techniques. She’ll likely start with a Comprehensive Blood Panel and a urinalysis. Abdominal and/or chest x-rays might be helpful. She can request higher-level tests familiar to human physicians.

After your Tipp City, OH vet identifies Oscar’s ailment, she’ll develop a tailored treatment plan. If your senior cat is acting strangely, contact us for expert advice.