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Physical Therapies Can Improve Your Dog’s Rehab Experience

July 15, 2015

Your border collie Flash is the ultimate canine athlete. This supercharged pooch quickly mastered fly-ball, and he often leads the pack on the agility course. At home, he paces the house, waiting for his next workout. Right how, however, your impatient companion is cooling his heels on the couch, mending from leg surgery. You know canine physical therapies can give dogs’ recoveries a boost. You’re familiar with therapeutic massage and water therapy. Your Tipp City, OH veterinarian will explain how specific physical therapies can help Flash return to his active lifestyle.

Innovative Physical Therapies

Your vet will coordinate Flash’s physical therapy regimen. Although therapeutic massage and water therapy are widely available, other modalities can also benefit patients. Learn about veterinary acupuncture, heat and cold therapy, ultrasound, electrical therapy, and targeted stretching.

Two canine patients might realize different benefits from a similar technique. In general, dogs often enjoy greater strength and mobility; and they might have less pain. Your pooch might lose some weight, an encouraging prospect since he has plumped up from inactivity. Eventually, continued physical therapy can help him resume many favorite activities.

Beneficial Therapeutic Massage

You’ve enjoyed therapeutic massage’s benefits yourself. You know your treatments helped to relieve stress; and they could even promote healing of injured tissues. You believe Flash will experience similar positive results; however, you can’t confirm that. He’s currently stretched out on the massage table with a happy smile on his face.

Since your pooch has reached middle age, he’s susceptible to age-related joint conditions. Therapeutic massages are also useful here. Some general veterinary practices, specialty veterinary hospitals, and canine therapy centers offer this beneficial treatment. Selected facilities provide targeted deep tissue massage.

Delightful Warm-Water Therapies

As an enthusiastic water lover, Flash eagerly jumped into his warm-water therapy treatments. While he splashes in the pool, the water’s buoyancy cushions his body, allowing him to increase his range of motion. The liquid’s gentle resistance also promotes good blood circulation and strengthens his underused muscles.

To your recovering dog, the underwater treadmill is like icing on the cake. He can happily pad along without stressing his muscles, bones, or joints. Although your gleeful pooch doesn’t realize it, he’s building strength and stamina as his dog-loving therapist offers frequent praise.

If targeted physical therapy might help your dog, contact your Tipp City, OH veterinarian for expert advice.