New Year’s Resolutions for Pocket Pets

Are you starting out 2016 with a pocket pet? If you have a bunny, Guinea pig, mouse, hamster, or gerbil, you have a very cute pet! You may even want to include your tiny pal in your resolutions this year, by prioritizing your pet’s care and making sure your four-legged friend gets a great diet; a clean, comfy cage; and lots of fun toys. If your tiny pet could make resolutions, what do you think they would pick? Some of these little furballs might have very big ambitions! Below, a Tipp City, OH vet suggests some goals pocket pets may pick for themselves.

Chew Everything

Many pocket bets, such as bunnies and Guinea pigs, have open-rooted teeth. These little ones need to chew to keep those little choppers healthy. Help your pet achieve this goal by offering lots of fun chew toys. Plain, nontoxic wood, wicker, cardboard, and paper items are all suitable options.

Build A Vast Empire

This may sound like a tall order, but to your gerbil, a vast empire may very well consist of a tunnel network that stretches the entire length of his cage. You can help your tiny pal achieve this goal by layering substrate with safe hay, such as Timothy hay, so it will support tunnels and mazes.

Be Adorable

While there’s no denying that Fido and Fluffy can be really cute, smaller animals are also super adorable! Those tiny faces, little paws, and charming squeaky noises are all very delightful. Take time to do some research on your specific type of pet, so you can read a bit more into those endearing antics.

Find New Hiding Spots

These little ones can be quite curious. Give your pet fun things to explore. A shoebox tunnel or a tissue-box castle can be quite fascinating to a tiny furball!

See The World!

Some of our little buddies are quite talented escape artists. Make sure your pet’s cage is escape-proof and closes securely. You can help your pet see a bit more of the world by giving them carefully supervised playtime outside their habitats each day. If you have a hamster or gerbil, ask your vet for advice on getting the little one an exercise ball.

Happy New Year! All of us here at your Tipp City, OH vet clinic want to wish you a wonderful 2016. Please call us anytime.

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