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Winter Care for Dogs

January 15, 2016

Winter can be very beautiful, but it can also be quite dangerous, both for people and pets. The cold season brings some specific hazards for pet parents to be aware of. A local Tipp City, OH vet offers some winter care tips for dogs in this article.


Fido may have a fur coat, but that may not be enough to keep him warm when temperatures plummet. If your canine pal has thin fur, he’ll probably need a doggy sweater for cold days. Be sure to avoid anything tight or constricting, as well as anything with buttons or dangling threads that could choke him. It’s also important to remember that Man’s Best Friend is always happier, healthier, and more comfy living indoors. Never leave your furry friend out in the cold for extended periods. If your canine buddy has a yard and a doghouse, make sure it’s well-insulated.


Your furry pal may burn more calories in cold weather just staying warm, so he might need bigger portions during the cold months. Senior dogs, thin pups, dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, and working pups may need extra food this time of year. If your dog has a bone/joint disorder, such as arthritis, supplements may help him. Fish oil, for instance, helps keep bones and joints lubricated. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Comfortable Snoozing

Make sure your pet has a comfy bed to snuggle up in. Don’t put Fido’s bed in a drafty area. If you have a senior pooch, we recommend getting him a good orthopedic bed.

Paw Care

Those furry feet need a bit of extra TLC in winter. Snow, salt, sand, ice, and chemical de-icing agents can be very harsh on Fido’s sensitive paw pads, and can cause painful abrasions and burns. Wipe your furry buddy’s feet down after each walk. Remember to keep your canine pal’s nails trimmed, too, as over grown nails can make it harder for dogs to walk on slippery ice.


When you’re walking your furry friend, take care not to bring him too close to frozen bodies of water, or near riverbanks. You don’t want your pet to fall into freezing water!

Do you have any questions or concerns about Fido’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us anytime! As your local Tipp City, OH veterinary hospital, we are always here to help.