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How to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe This Halloween

October 15, 2016

Do you own a dog or cat? Halloween is approaching quickly, and it’s one of the most dangerous holidays of the year for our four-legged companions! Fortunately, all it takes to keep your pet safe is a few simple precautions. Learn more here from a Tipp City, OH veterinarian.

Careful with Costumes

Pets look adorable in costumes, there’s no denying it—just make sure your animal friend stays safe when playing dress-up! Many animals don’t take kindly to wearing clothing, especially if an outfit fits too tightly or loosely. Also make sure to examine your pet’s costume for small parts that could be chewed off, choked on, or swallowed outright. You’ll want to take steps to remove these items in order to make your pet’s costume completely hazard-free.

Use Caution Around Candy

One of the biggest dangers around Halloween and trick-or-treat night, of course, is treats. Chocolate of all types contains theobromine and caffeine, chemicals that are dangerous for our four-legged friends. Many candies, gums, and baked goods are sweetened with an artificial sugar substitute called xylitol; it’s highly toxic to dogs and cats! Make sure that your pet stays far away from the treat bowl, and store all extra candy and chocolate goodies inside of a cabinet or drawer where your pet can’t reach them.

Dangerous Decorations

While common fall-time decorations like pumpkins, gourds, and decorative corn stalks aren’t toxic per say, they can prove harmful to pets who munch on them. Just about any foreign substance can cause vomiting if your pet eats too much of it; furthermore, bits of these decorations could present a choking hazard. Take care to keep your pet away. Also beware of wires and electrical cords running to and from electronic Halloween decorations, because you don’t want your pet chewing on these or getting tangled.

Avoid Anxiety

Does your pet get wound up when they hear the doorbell ring? On trick-or-treat night, when the bell is likely to be ringing constantly, your pet may get worked up into an anxious frenzy! Pets could also dart out of the open door when trick-or-treaters arrive. If necessary, secure your companion in another room, and try playing music or a radio to mask the sound of the doorbell.

Does your beloved pet need veterinary attention? Do you have questions about their health or well-being? Give your Tipp City, OH animal clinic a call today for help.

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