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How to Maintain Your Cat’s Dental Health

July 15, 2017

It can be easier said than done to keep up with your cat’s dental care. Since oral health issues are some of the most common health problems that veterinarians treat in cats, though, it’s important to stay on top of Fluffy’s dental status! Here, your Tipp City, OH veterinarian offers a few tips for keeping your cat’s mouth in tip-top shape.

At-Home Dental Exams

Make a point to examine your feline friend’s mouth at home at least once a week or so. (It might be easiest to do this when your cat is sleepy.) Gently peel back your cat’s lips to examine the teeth and gums—take note of anything unusual, like redness, inflammation, swelling, bleeding, cracked teeth, excessive plaque build-up, etc. Let your veterinarian know if you find something that you’re not comfortable with, because veterinary attention might be in order.

Brushing Sessions

Did you know that you can brush your cat’s teeth? It’s one of the best ways to keep your cat’s teeth and gums clean between veterinary visits. You’ll need a feline-formulated toothpaste and a specialized toothbrush—start by simply massaging your cat’s gums gently with your finger, perhaps dipping your finger in a bit of chicken broth first to entice your pet. When she’s ready, allow your cat to taste the toothpaste. Next, brush one area of the mouth at a time until the whole set of teeth has been cleaned. Offer your cat a tasty treat afterward for a job well done.

If you need help brushing your cat’s teeth, call your veterinarian today for advice.

Quality Nutrition

It’s important to remember that your cat’s diet plays a key role in how her oral health—and her overall well-being—is maintained. When your feline friend receives the proper vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients through her food, the teeth and gums are able to remain as healthy and strong as possible. Feed your cat a diet that is appropriate for her age, breed, and weight; contact your vet if you’d like a recommendation.

Veterinary Visits

There’s just no substitute for professional checkups and dental cleanings at your veterinarian’s office. Professional cleanings get at the areas of your cat’s mouth that brushing simply can’t reach. If it’s been a while since your cat’s last cleaning, it’s time to act!

Does your cat need a dental appointment? Call your Tipp City, OH veterinary clinic. We’re here to help!