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If Cats Had Thumbs

March 1, 2018

Did you know that March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day? If your feline buddy had thumbs, what sort of mischief do you think she would get into? A local Tipp City, OH vet lists some possibilities in this article.

Remove All Can Labels

If Fluffy suddenly grew thumbs, you may very well come home to find every can in your house missing its label, and your pet looking very pleased with herself.

Open All The Cat Food

Even if your pantry became a sea of unidentifiable cans, Fluffy would probably take a different tactic with her own food. Your furball may very well open every can of kitty food and make herself a buffet!

Open Everything Else, Too

If we know one thing about cats, it’s that they can be quite curious . . . and even a bit nosy. Your furball may very well open every drawer, closet, box, and jar in your home and dump out the contents, just to see if she can spot anything interesting. In fact, you may come home to find your entire house more or less ransacked, and your furball peacefully napping in the midst of the chaos.

Hack Your Phone

Kitties have somehow taken over a good chunk of the internet. Fluffy would likely spend quite a bit of time taking pictures of herself and uploading them to social media! Your feline buddy may also call or text you nonstop to find out what you are doing, what’s for dinner, and when you are coming home.

Lock Your Dog Out Of The House

Some kitties can be pretty mean to their canine roommates. Your frisky feline may decide to lock the dog out, and then go take a nap while he whined at the door. Fluffy may also throw out Fido’s toys and leash, or even call a dogcatcher!

Crank The Heat

While cats are not technically cold-blooded, they do love to curl up in warm spots for naps. Fluffy may very well set her mind to figuring out how to turn up the heat!

Steal Boxes

Kitties certainly do love boxes. If you are using boxes to store things, Fluffy may empty out the contents, and then claim the boxes for herself!

As your Tipp City, OH vet clinic, we are dedicated to keeping cats happy and healthy. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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