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How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

May 15, 2018

Is your cat looking a bit pudgy around the edges? It’s not uncommon for our feline friends to pack on some extra pounds. Unfortunately, obesity can have serious health consequences if not corrected! Use these tips from your Tipp City, OH veterinary professional to help your cat get back to a healthy weight.

See Your Veterinarian

Before taking any action, set up an appointment at your veterinarian’s office to have your cat examined. Your veterinarian can confirm for you whether or not your pet is actually overweight, and then you can start to formulate a diet and exercise plan for your cat’s needs.

Portion Control

In many cases, simple portion control is all that’s needed to help your cat shed the pounds and start to trim down. Overfeeding is the single leading cause of obesity amongst the cat population! Ask your vet about the proper portion size for your cat’s dietary needs.

It’s important that you don’t free-feed your cat; this means leaving food out at all times for your cat to eat whenever she pleases. This method often leads to obesity—scheduled mealtimes are a much better idea!

Diet Switch

Sometimes, the actual food your cat is eating isn’t up to par. If your cat is receiving a cheap diet that contains a lot of “filler” material, she’s just packing on empty calories that turn into excess fat. Your veterinarian may recommend a special diet for your pet, usually one with a low carbohydrate level. It’s important to get your veterinarian’s opinion first, though, before switching your cat’s diet on your own.


Of course, exercise will play a pivotal role in your cat’s weight-loss efforts. There’s just no substitute for burning off those excess calories with physical activity! Get your cat moving on a daily basis; try a laser light toy, a wand toy, or even a piece of yarn dangling in front of Fluffy’s face to entice her into moving. Play with your cat for several minutes at a time, multiple times a day.

A Note on Treats

If you find yourself offering your cat treats for no real reason, make an effort to change this behavior. You’re only giving your pet additional calories! Use treats as rewards for good behavior, and try choosing treats made to benefit your cat’s dental or skin-and-fur health.

For more tips on your cat’s diet, call your Tipp City, OH veterinarian.

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