Bird Perches 101

Birds are very cute and lovable little pets. While they are not difficult to care for, they do need quite a bit of TLC. One thing that is absolutely crucial to your little buddy’s health and well-being is making sure that she has suitable perches. A Tipp City, OH vet discusses your bird’s perch needs below.


Rope perches can help keep your winged friend’s foot and leg muscles strong. However, they can be dangerous if they get frayed or loose. Polly could get caught in a twisted rope, or swallow pieces of frazzled string. Be sure to replace rope perches when they get worn out.


When you set up your bird’s perches, put them all at different heights in her cage. Make sure they aren’t too slippery. It’s also important to secure them properly to the cage bars. Avoid placing the perches over Polly’s food or water bowls.


We recommend getting Polly at least one mineral perch. (Note: these are also called concrete perches or cement perches.) The rough surfaces will help your pet keep her beak, nails, and feet healthy.


We recommend that you clean your bird’s perches every week. It may make sense to do this as you are cleaning your winged pal’s cage. Then, when you put the cage back in order, rotate your pet’s perches, and put them in different locations.


Make sure to pick perches that are the right size for Polly. Ones that are too big or too small can cause injuries with your little buddy’s legs and feet.


Since trees are birds’ natural habitats, it makes sense that wooden perches would be very popular with our feathered friends. Just pay attention to the type of wood. Many kinds of wood are not safe for Polly!


Your bird will need perches of different sizes, materials, and strengths. Change the perches out regularly to keep things fun and interesting for Polly. This will also help keep her feet and legs healthy.

Fancy Perches

Want to really pamper your pet? Get Polly a heated perch, which will keep her warm on chilly nights. You can also offer your feathered buddy a shower perch, which sprays water. Polly may also enjoy an edible perch.

Please contact us, your local Tipp City, OH pet hospital, for all of your pet bird’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!


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