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Cold Weather Care for Cats

November 1, 2018

Winter isn’t far off now! As you start preparing for the cold temperatures, don’t forget about your kitty! Fluffy is already wearing a fur coat, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t affected by the weather. Read on as a local Tipp City, OH vet offers some tips on caring for your kitty in winter.


Cats are very drowsy in general, as you may have noticed. However, your furry buddy may nap even more than usual in dreary weather. Make sure your sleepy pet has lots of comfy beds to doze off in. Fluffy is also very fond of finding warm, cozy spots to curl up in. She may appreciate a heated pet bed, or a thermal blanket that will stay warm.


Did you know that brushing Fluffy regularly will help her stay warmer? Dead fur and dander both reduce the natural insulating properties of your cute pet’s coat. Choose a time when your kitty is feeling relaxed, and gently brush her. Offer treats and praise to make it more fun for your furball. This is also a great way to spend some time with your feline buddy!

Veterinary Care

If your pet is a senior, she may get stiff and sore in cold weather, especially if she has arthritis. There are now many pain management options for pets. Certain supplements, such as fish oil, may also be beneficial to your furry friend. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


If you have a fireplace or space heater, use a grate to make sure your furball doesn’t get too close. Candles are another hazard. Fluffy could stick her tail in the flame, or even knock one over! Keep candles in high spots that your cat can’t reach.


We strongly recommend keeping kitties safe and sound indoors. Cars, predators, and other cats can all endanger Fluffy in the Great Outdoors. Cold temperatures are another winter hazard. Kitties can and do get frostbitten in winter, especially on their ears and tails. Your pet could also be trapped somewhere by snowfall. If you do let your cat out, make sure she has an emergency shelter. A tote with a hole in one end and some soft blankets or newspaper inside will do.

Please contact us, your Tipp City, OH vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to offering great care!