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Cute Ways Your Cat Manipulates You

March 1, 2019

Cats are very unique and curious little pets. Fluffy isn’t very big, but she has a huge personality. She also has a way of wrapping her humans around her paws! Read on as a local Tipp City, OH vet lists some ways our feline overlords boss people around.


You may have noticed that we talk quite a bit about training dogs. Training cats? Not so much. In fact, our feline friends usually train their humans. Many cats are able to convince, cajole, or badger their humans into filling their bowls every time they meow. We know, it’s hard to resist that adorable furry face. Just don’t let your kitty manipulate you into overfeeding her. If she gains too much weight and becomes obese, she could face some very serious health problems!

Lap Space

Kitties just happen to be the perfect size to fit into our laps. Once you’re settled in with your furball curled up on top of you, you may start feeling guilty if you have to move her. We’re guessing that quite a few of our feline patients have essentially ‘trapped’ their humans in place. It’s hard to move a cat that looks comfortable!

Bed Steal

Kitties make great sleeping aids. That soft purr is very relaxing, and can help soothe and relax you at the end of the day. However, Fluffy does have a way of stealing most of the bed, or even waking her humans up for pets or so they can move over.

Demanding Attention

Some kitties are quite cuddly, and love to be held and petted. (Fluffy may very well want attention when you’re in the middle of doing something, but that’s another topic.) It’s probably safe to say that many of you have at times stopped what you were doing to pet or pick up your furball.

Refusing To Move

If our feline pals had one goal in life, it may very well be to sleep as much as possible. This means that Fluffy is always on the lookout for napping spots. She’ll even try some that don’t look particularly comfortable, like the top of your computer. If you try to move your drowsy pet mid-nap, you may very well be met with an adorable (and heart-melting) little meow of protest.

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