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How to Keep Fido’s Breath Fresh

May 15, 2019

Let’s face it—there’s a good chance that your dog’s breath will never smell like a field of lilies on a spring day. With that being said, your pooch’s breath shouldn’t bowl you over, either. Keep your canine companion’s breath as fresh as possible with these tips from a Tipp City, OH veterinarian.

Fresh Water

First, make sure your dog has a steady supply of fresh, clean water to drink from at all times. Not only will this keep your pooch properly hydrated, it’s great for dental health and, ultimately, fresh breath. Water helps to flush out the mouth and get rid of leftover food particles, bacteria, plaque, dirt, and other grime that could cause stinky odors.

Brushing Sessions

Brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis at home is one of the best ways to make sure his breath stays fresh. You’ll need a canine-formulated toothpaste—never use toothpaste designed for humans or other animals—as well as a pet toothbrush and a few dog treats. If your dog isn’t used to having his teeth brushed, begin by simply massaging his teeth and gums with your finger. Then, allow your dog to smell and taste the toothpaste before graduating to the brush. Eventually, you’ll be able to scrub all of the teeth and gums so that your dog’s entire mouth stays healthy.

Chew Toys

Chew toys give your dog’s teeth and gums a healthy workout, and they help to scrape away a lot of the loose plaque along your dog’s outer tooth surfaces and gum line. This is a great way to keep your dog’s mouth clean in between brushing sessions, and it provides your dog with a whole lot of fun!

Dental Sticks or Chews

Ask your veterinarian to recommend dental sticks or dental chews that may further benefit your dog’s oral health and freshen his breath. There are plenty of products on the market designed to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and the breath minty-fresh!

Veterinary Cleanings

Don’t forget to schedule regular dental cleanings at your vet’s office. This in-depth procedure is simply the best way to get at all of the nooks and crannies of your dog’s mouth, removing odor-causing plaque before it turns into tartar.

If your dog is in need of a professional dental cleaning, or if you would like to know more about freshening Fido’s breath, call your Tipp City, OH animal hospital.