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Take Your Cat to Work Day

June 15, 2019

Did you know that June 17th is Take Your Cat To Work Day? We’re guessing probably not. Is this really a good idea? A local Tipp City, OH vet lists some pros and cons of taking Fluffy to work in this article.

Fluffy’s Application

Hopefully this goes without saying, but you’ll need to get approval from your boss and your coworkers before bringing your cute pet in with you. Not everyone is as enamored by cats as we are! The answers will likely depend in part on what sort of industry and environment you work for. Your feline pal may have a good shot at getting hired by a small bookstore, but she probably isn’t qualified to work in a restaurant. (Of course, Fluffy may have the upper paw on getting hired if there happens to be a mouse problem at your workplace.) That said, there actually are some pretty strong arguments for taking your kitty to work. After all, cats have a special way of making people smile. They’re also great at relieving stress!

Getting Ready

If you do get permission to bring Fluffy to work, make sure that she is microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on her vaccinations and parasite control.

Will Fluffy Get Fired?

There are some downsides to bringing Fluffy to work. First and foremost: many kitties just don’t like leaving their kingdoms. If your furball gets nervous every time you take her out of the house, she probably won’t care much for the working life. Also, keep in mind that cats have a knack for getting into mischief. Fluffy may spend the day sleeping on your bosses’ desk, eating reports, or batting at dangling wires. She may pounce on someone’s shoelaces, eat the office plants, or take over empty boxes. If your feline buddy is a talkative type, she may also create some unwanted background noise.

Other Options

If taking Fluffy to work physically isn’t a good option, you can still bring her with you in spirit. Keep a cute photo of your furball at your desk. You can also get apps that let you play with your kitty remotely, using a camera and laser pointer. This could be a great way to brighten up your lunch hour!

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