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6 Ways To Make Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

August 15, 2019

Do you have a yard for your dog to patrol? If so, that’s great! Fido really loves being able to run, play, and supervise the neighborhood squirrels. Read on as a local Tipp City, OH vet lists some things you can do to give your back yard a ‘pupgrade.’


No matter how dog-friendly your yard is, Fido will be both happier and healthier living inside, with his human buddies. That said, it is important to provide basic necessities for your furry best friend outdoors. Your pup should always have shade, shelter, and water available, even if he’s only outside for a few minutes. Also, don’t leave your dog out too long, especially in bad weather.

Good Fencing

Make sure that your yard is as escape-proof as possible. Many of our canine buddies will not hesitate to run off in search of doggy adventures if given the chance! Your fence should be high enough to keep Fido from jumping over it. If you suspect that your pooch may try to dig beneath it, bury chicken wire along the fence, and weight it down with rocks.

Self-Latching Gate

Unfortunately, many beloved pets have escaped due to gates that weren’t closed properly. We strongly recommend getting a self-latching one. Better safe than sorry!


A doghouse is a great way to get your furry buddy’s cute tail going. Our canine friends love having their own little hangouts! You don’t want Fido’s doghouse to be too large, as then it won’t be as cozy for him. The doghouse should also be insulated and raised off the ground a bit to help keep snow and rain out.

Remove Toxic Plants

Many popular plants are toxic to our canine pals. Do a thorough check of your yard. If you find anything that isn’t safe for your playful pet, pull it out by the root and destroy it. You can find a full list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA site here .

Doggy Fun

Want to really get that cute tail wagging? Offer Fido a kiddie pool to cool off in on hot days. Your four-legged buddy may also appreciate a sandbox, especially if he likes to dig. Or, incorporate some toys, such as tug toys and/or ramps.

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