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Doggy Logic 101

November 1, 2019

Dogs have been our canine companions for thousands of years. In that time, we’ve gotten to know Fido pretty well. Of course, some of our furry buddies’ antics can be a bit confusing. A Tipp City, OH vet discusses some of the rules of doggy logic in this article.

Sofas Are For Pets

Do you often find Fido on the sofa, even though he knows he’s supposed to sleep in his doggy bed? Man’s Best Friend is definitely an opportunist, especially when it comes to comfy napping spots. Then again, your pooch could just be making sure your things have the proper amount of dog fur on them.

If It’s On The Floor, It’s Mine

Have you ever dropped a piece of food on the floor? Chances are, your pet snapped it up before you could get to it. As far as Fido is concerned, anything that falls to the ground is fair game. (Note: because not everything you drop will be safe for your pup, it’s a good idea to teach him the Leave It command.)

Must Offer Smooches

Dogs have an adorable—if somewhat messy— habit of licking their humans affectionately. It’s hard not to smile when a pooch is giving you smooches! This is Fido’s way of showing affection. It also helps him pick up information, since he’ll be gathering scents as he does this.

Theatrics Work

Some of our canine patients have their humans pretty firmly wrapped around their paws. Your pup probably knows that if he whines and dances enough, you’ll take him out. At some point, he’ll fake you out by pretending he really really, really, really has to go … only to start nonchalantly sniffing grass when you get him outside. Begging is another area where Fido really hams it up.

Taste Test Everything

Dogs are very curious. Unfortunately, sometimes Fido tries to investigate things by, well, eating them. This can be a dangerous habit!

Must Circle Bed

Does Fido sometimes turn in circles before plopping down? This is actually a throwback to the days when dogs ran wild, and would stamp grasses down to make themselves little dens.

Barke Diem

If there’s one thing we can say about dogs, it’s that they live for the moment. This is a great lesson for all of us!

Please contact us, your Tipp City, OH vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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