Tips for Bathing Your Bird

Birds are very cute and fun pets. These guys certainly pack a lot of personality into small packages! Polly does need quite a bit of TLC, however. One of your jobs as a bird owner is keeping your little buddy clean! A Tipp City, OH vet offers some advice on giving your bird a bath in this article.

See What Polly Likes

Birds can be pretty opinionated! You may notice that your colorful little friend has some specific preferences for how she likes to bathe. With smaller birds, you can mount a birdbath in the cage, or offer a bowl of shallow water. Bigger birds may enjoy having a perch in the shower, or using the sink.

Don’t Use Hot Water

Make sure to use lukewarm, not hot, water. Otherwise, you could scald your pet! Test the temperature on your wrist, as you would with baby formula.

Keep It Shallow

Don’t use too much water. Birds can drown in just a few inches of water! An inch or two is plenty.

Air Dry Only

You really should never blow dry your feathered friend. Air drying is the best option here. This may take a while, so make sure Polly has a warm, sunny spot to hang out in.

Don’t Soak Your Bird

Never completely soak your pet bird! Polly won’t be able to fly, and she may become quite distressed!

Don’t Let Polly Get Cold

Birds can get chilled quite easily. Time your winged buddy’s bath during the warmest part of the day, so she will be more comfortable when she’s wet.

Use The Time Wisely

Bathtime is a perfect opportunity to clean your feathered pal’s cage. While Polly is drying off, take everything out of her cage and scrub it down. You’ll also want to wash and disinfect her toys, perches, and dishes. It’s best to have several perches and toys, and at least two sets of dishes. That way, you can put clean things right into the cage while the others are being cleaned.

Offer A Reward

Birds will bathe naturally, but it’s always good to keep them happy and in good spirits. When bathtime is over, give Polly a special treat or a new toy to play with.

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