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Choosing Safe Dog Toys

April 1, 2020

Does your canine pal love to play? Dogs are super cute when they are feeling frisky. Pooches all have their own tastes when it comes to toys. Some like squeaky toys, some prefer tennis balls, and others like rope or pull toys. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to filling Fido’s toybox. A Tipp City, OH veterinarian offers some ‘pointers’ on this below.


Consider Fido’s age when you go shopping. If your furry pal is still a puppy, you’re going to need sturdy toys that will hold up through his teething phase. If Fido is a senior, look for things that are soft on his mouth.


Get into the habit of looking at labels. It’s best to avoid things that were made overseas. Not all countries have strict regulations for pet products. Better safe than sorry!


You’ll also need to keep your pet’s size in mind. Be sure to get toys that are the right size for your canine companion. A puppy could hurt himself on a toy made for a Great Dane, while that Great Dane could choke on a toy made for a Corgi.


Just like people, dogs appreciate having a variety of playthings. Fido might like a puzzle toy because of the stimulation, but he might also love squeaky toys because they remind him of all those squirrels he can’t catch. Running after tennis balls is great for pups that are ‘wired’ for retrieving things, while timid pooches may want to snuggle up with soft toys for comfort.


Sometimes dogs get a little too worked up over their toys. This often happens with rope toys, as Fido may become so determined to get his ‘prey’ that he gets feisty about it. If your four-legged friend has aggressive tendencies, ask your vet for advice on playing with him.

Tail Wags

If you’re not sure what to get, or if you just keep forgetting to replace that plushy toy your canine buddy demolished, consider getting a ‘pupscription’ box. These are great because they offer a variety of playthings, and come right to your door. (Of course, it’s also really cute seeing Fido get excited over his mail every month.)

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your Tipp City, OH pet hospital, We’re here to help!