COVID-19 Update from Troy Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic

We are OPEN and here to provide quality care for you and your pet. Due to all the recent events though, we just wanted to keep you updated on our current services.

1. If you are sick, please do not come to the office.

2. In an effort to keep you and our staff healthy, we are no longer able to have clients in our office. Please call for an appointment. When you arrive, call us from your car (937-335-8387.) Make sure your dog is leashed and your cat in a carrier and one of our staff will come to get your pet. After your pet is examined, the doctor will call your phone to let you know findings/treatment options.

3. If you need to pick up medication or food, call first and we will have it ready before you get here. Then you can just call when you arrive and someone will run it out for you. Payment can be handled over the phone as well.

4. In an effort to conserve supplies, we are not doing elective surgeries, such as routine spays and neuters, at this time. We also are not doing routine grooms, baths and nail trims either. We are still offering most other services, call if you have questions.

5. Telephone consultations with our doctors are available for minor issues, for patients who have been seen in the past year. Call for more information.

We appreciate your understanding and know that we will all get through this difficult time by working together. Please visit our Facebook page for additional updates. Stay healthy!

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