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Spring Cleaning For Pet Owners

April 15, 2020

Spring has sprung! As the snow melts, many of us are tackling some deep cleaning. If you have a pet, you’ll likely have a few extra tasks to contend with. A Tipp City, OH vet offers some cleaning tips for pet parents below.

Fur Busting

Spring is peak shedding season! Vacuuming daily will help remove pet hair from your carpet. You can use a squeegee, rubber dish gloves, dryer sheet, or a damp sponge to get fur off upholstery. We also recommend brushing your furry friend daily and putting slipcovers on your furniture.


One of the best things about spring is being able to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Remember to change your air filters! Spring is also a good time pick up some plants. These will both make your home look nice and filter the air. Just be sure to choose only pet-safe options. Spider plants and Boston ferns are both good bets. You can find a full list of both toxic and nontoxic plants at the ASPCA website here .


Even the most well-trained pet can have accidents on occasion. Keep an enzyme-based cleaner on hand to deal with stains. You can also use baking soda and vinegar. These will not only help remove the stain, they will also get rid of the odor. A steam cleaner is a good investment for anyone with a pet. There are now several models made specifically for people with pets.


Dogs love looking out windows, and leaving nose art on the glass. Vinegar and newspaper will remove your canine buddy’s art masterpieces.


Go through your furry pal’s toys. (Ideally, you’ll want to do this when your pet is sleeping.) Discretely toss out anything that is on its last legs. Most other playthings can be washed. Rubber and plastic toys can go in the dishwasher. Rinse well, and use the hot cycle. Also, skip the soap. The hot water and steam will do the trick. Plushies and tennis balls are machine washable. Use unscented detergent and a gentle setting. To clean rope toys, remove metal pieces, soak it in water, and microwave it on high for one minute. Anything else you can just rinse and then freeze in a plastic bag for a few days.

Please contact us, your Tipp City, OH vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!