Pet Preparedness Month

June is Pet Preparedness Month. Tornados, floods, fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies can happen at any time. While you can’t control Mother Nature, you can control how prepared you are for these occurrences. Don’t forget to include your pet in these plans! Here, a Tipp City, OH vet offers tips on getting your pet ready for an emergency.


If your pet hasn’t been microchipped yet, we recommend getting this done ASAP. If you and your pet are ever separated, that chip may be the only thing linking you together. Of course, your furry pal should also be wearing ID tags. We recommend putting some contact information on your pet’s carrier as well. Luggage tags work great for this!

Bugout Bag

It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Have an emergency bag ready for your furry best friend. This should include a week’s worth of food, treats, and medicine; toys; bedding; a leash and collar; towels; collapsible dishes; and a pet-first aid kit with pet first-aid brochures. Dogs also should have grooming supplies, a tie-out line, waste baggies, and possibly a muzzle, while kitties require a litterbox and litter. Keep this kit in or near your pet’s carrier, in a spot that’s easy to grab. If you have a cellar or tornado shelter, you may just want to store everything there.


Many people stay with friends or family members during emergencies. Even if that is your plan, we recommend printing out a list of all pet-friendly hotels and shelters within a 2 hour drive. Many places require proof that pets are current on vaccines and parasite control, so put copies of this paperwork with your pet’s emergency kit and/or in your glove box. It’s also a good idea to take photos of this paperwork and email copies to yourself. That way, you can access them from any phone or computer. Keep this information in a sealed plastic bag.

Window Stickers

Firefighters understand that pets are part of the family, and usually try to save pets when they can. Window stickers can be very helpful here. Get some pet-specific ones, and note the number of pets you have, what type of pets you have, and where they may be hiding.

Please contact us, your Tipp City, OH vet clinic, anytime. We’re happy to address any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care!

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