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Autumn Care for Older Pets

October 15, 2020

Is your dog or cat in their golden years? If so, you’ll want to pay them some extra attention over the next few months. Cold weather can be hard on older pets! Here, a Tipp City, OH vet offers some autumn care tips for aging pets. 


Did you know that pets sleep even more than usual when it’s rainy or chilly out? (We can’t really blame them.) Make sure that your pet has a warm comfy bed. Some dogs and cats will appreciate a thermal bed, or even a heated one. 


Fall is a peak shedding season. Brushing Fido or Fluffy regularly will help them transition into their winter coats. This will remove any dead fur or dander. This is beneficial for a few reasons. For one thing, your furry friend will be much more comfortable with a smooth, sleek coat. You’ll also find less pet hair stuck to everything. 


Some pets will need bigger portions in fall, as they’ll burn extra calories staying warm. Keep in mind that older pets can get very stiff and sore when it’s cold and damp out. We often see this in animals with arthritis or hip dysplasia. Nutritional supplements, such as fish oil, glucosamine, and/or Omega 3 and 6 oils, can all be beneficial. Of course, every pet has unique needs, so ask your vet for specific advice. 


Autumn presents quite a few dangers for pet owners to be aware of. Not only can the weather change rapidly, but it’s also going to start getting dark earlier. You may want to adjust your dog’s walking schedule a bit. Wild animals also present a hazard. Many of them are looking for places to hibernate, and can be quite aggressive. You’ll also want to be careful not to expose your little (or not so little) buddy to harmful chemicals, such as lawn/garden products, pesticides, rodenticides, and antifreeze. Keep a close eye on Fido when he’s outdoors. As for Fluffy, she’s really better off staying inside, where she is safe from these hazards.


Dreary autumn days are absolutely perfect for snuggling up with your furry friend and a good book or movie. Spend some quality time with your little buddy on those chilly fall days!

Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Tipp City, OH pet hospital, we’re here to help!