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Dog Care Mistakes

February 15, 2021

Dogs have many wonderful qualities: they’re cute, playful, loyal, and protective, not to mention lots of fun. However, it takes more than good food and daily walks to keep Fido happy and healthy. Read on as a Tipp City, OH veterinarian lists some common dog care mistakes.

Skipping Training

You don’t necessarily have to teach Fido how to beg, sing, fetch your slippers, or turn the lights on and off. However, he should know simple commands like Sit, Stay, Come, and Lay Down . This is important for both petiquette and safety!

Not Enough Exercise

While some dogs are naturally more active than others, all of our canine pals need proper activity to thrive. Fido’s workout routine should be customized based on his age, size, weight, and height. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Not Getting Fido Fixed

Getting your pet spayed or neutered is important for many reasons. First and foremost, it helps prevent unwanted litters, which will in turn help curb animal overpopulation. It will also lower or eliminate the odds of Fido developing several serious health conditions. Plus, your pup will be calmer and better behaved after.

Lack of Entertainment

Dogs are very intelligent, and they need stimulation to stay happy. Make sure Fido has lots of toys! This will not only help fight the dreaded Bored Doggy Blues, it will also help keep him entertained and out of trouble.


Man’s Best Friend is very cute and lovable, but he isn’t perfect. Sooner or later, Fido will misbehave. When he does, it’s important for you to handle the matter calmly. You can reprimand your pup verbally, but anything beyond that may just scare and confuse him.

Lack Of Wellness Care

Keeping up with Fido’s exams, vaccines, and parasite control is very important. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule!

Letting Fido Run Off-Leash

We know, many dogs just naturally stay close to their humans. However, even the most faithful pup can bolt if they get scared or if they spot a squirrel. Don’t take chances! Only let Fido off leash in fenced-in areas.

Lack Of Dental Care

Did you know that 80 percent of dogs over the age of three have gum disease? Fido can also suffer from many other painful dental issues. Take care of your pet’s choppers!

As your Tipp City, OH veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime! 

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