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DIY Dog Toys

March 1, 2021

Does your canine pal sometimes race up to you, holding his favorite toy? Does Fido have a habit of destroying his new playthings in just a few minutes? Man’s Best Friend is very frisky and playful, which is one reason he’s such a fun pet. Toys are actually very important for dogs, both mentally and physically. However, if your pooch goes through toys faster than you can replace them, you may want to consider making some of his playthings. A local Tipp City, OH vet lists a few fun homemade dog toys in this article.

Rope Toy

Many of our four-legged buddies absolutely love playing Tug O War . Cut a towel or tee shirt into thin strips, and then braid those together. Next, braid the braids together. Keep going until it’s as thick as you want. Then, just tie the end off into knots. There are also variations on this toy. You can ‘thread’ things like tennis balls through these toys. Or, fold them into fun shapes, like rings.

Jean Redo

You can also turn an old pair of jeans into a fun toy for Fido. Just tie them into knots at the end. You can put a tennis ball in them for extra tail wags.

Muffin Tin

It doesn’t get much easier than this one. Turn a muffin tin upside down, and drop a few pieces of kibble into it. Done!

T-Shirt Bottle

Does your pooch like things that crinkle? Wrap a plastic 1-liter bottle in a tee shirt and let him have at it. Be sure to tie it securely!

Sweet Potato Pull

Make your canine buddy some sweet potato jerky by slicing a sweet potato into half-inch thick pieces. Cook low and slow for several hours. Then, cut a hold in the middle of the potato. String a thick rope (or the tee shirt rope mentioned above) through the pieces. Voila! 


Keep in mind that not all toys are appropriate for every dog. Large breeds can choke on tennis balls, while heavy chewers may ingest things that really aren’t great for them. Anything small or sharp is a definite no-no, no matter how big your furry friend is. Ask your vet for more tips on what is and isn’t safe for Fido.

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