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Naming Your New Pet

March 16, 2021

Has a new pet recently joined your home? Are you planning to adopt an animal companion soon? Congratulations! Those ‘Gotcha’ days are huge life events, as far as we are concerned. Of course, one of the first things you’ll need to do is give your pet a name. A local Tipp City, OH vet offers a few things you may want to look at below.

Colo  r

Color and markings can help you pick out the perfect name for your little buddy. You may want to look up things that are of a similar color, such as foods.


You can also get a bit silly with this. This works really well with small pets. Go ahead and name your black Guinea pig Snowball, or call your parakeet Godzilla.


You can always name your pet after someone. You may want to name a kitty who sings after your favorite singer. Or, just have fun changing up some letters. A goldfish c a n become Sid Fishious.


How you got your pet is also something to consider. Did you rescue a kitten from the brink of death? Chance, Hope, or Lucky may fit the bill. Did your new kitty just show up on your porch one day, and melt your heart? Porch Kitty shortens to PK very easily!


I f you have a loose idea, but haven’t hit the right word, consult a thesauruses. You can also look up translations into other languages. 


N icknames are very important to consider as well. Chances are, your pet will soon collect various other monikers. Look for something that’s fun to play with!


Myths, fairy tales, folk tales, and historical figures can also make great inspirations. For instance, there are quite a few pets out there named after Loki, the Norse god of mischief.

Name Sites

You can also consult various baby name sites for inspiration. Many of these allow you to set filters based on meaning, origin, gender, and/or phonetics.

Call For Backup

If all else fails, consult your close friends and family members. Sometimes a pet’s ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ will just blurt out a name that fits perfectly. Just be warned: you may also find yourself with a pet whose name doesn’t fit them at all, but just somehow stuck.

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