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Tips for New Kitten Owners

April 1, 2021

Have you recently adopted a kitten? If so, you’re in for some pretty adorable moments over the next few months. There are few things cuter than baby cats. However, you may find that your charming little pet is, well, a bit of a handful. In this article, a Tipp City, OH vet lists some survival tips for people with kittens.


Make sure your home is safe for little Fluffy! Remove or secure things like toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, wires and cords, and anything small or sharp. You’ll also need to keep things like toilets and dryers shut. Keep an eye on your frisky feline, and check beneath cushions and recliners before sitting down.

Teach Good Petiquette

Do your future self a favor, and nip bad habits like biting and scratching in the bud. If little Fluffy attacks you, blow in her face, clap your hand, or just tell her ‘no’ in a firm tone. Then, ignore her until she’s ready to play nice. Of course, this goes hand-in-paw with building trust and love. Pay lots of attention to your pint-sized pal. Praise and pet her when she’s being good.

Take Pictures

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Your kitty’s appearance will change almost by the day. Capture this super-cute phase of your furry buddy’s life while you can!


Kittens are super playful, which is just beyond adorable to watch. Give little Fluffy lots of fun toys to pounce on, and play with her daily. This will both tire her out and make her feel safe. Win-win! 

Charm The Vet

One of the first things you’ll want to do is take little Fluffy to meet her vet. She’ll need a thorough exam, as well as her initial vaccines and parasite control products. You’ll also want to schedule spay/neuter surgery and microchipping. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Don’t Despair!

You may wake up one day to find your hands covered in scratches, your sofa coated in pet hair, and a tiny ball of fur gnawing on your ankle. Don’t worry! Fluffy’s adorable toddler phase won’t last long. Your feline pal will continue to gradually calm down until you have a fuzzy couch potato on your hands.

As your Tipp City, OH pet hospital, we’re dedicated to helping your kitten grow into a happy, healthy adult. Call us anytime! 

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