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Fun Facts About Fluffy's Feet

May 1, 2021

Does your kitty sometimes smack you with her paw when she wants something? Fluffy’s furry feet are both cute and interesting. A Tipp City, OH vet lists some ‘pawesome’ facts about cats’ paws in this article.

They’re Shock Absorbers

Those paw pads help cushion Fluffy’s bones from the impacts she makes when she jumps off your bed or that table she wasn’t supposed to be on. They’re also very sensitive to vibrations, which is quite helpful for hunting.

They’re Color Coordinated

The color of your pet’s toes will match the color of her fur. Some cats have pink toes: others have black or brown. If Fluffy has a patterned coat, you may notice that pattern reflected on her paws.

They Look Like Teddy Bears

You may have seen memes about this online. If you look at Fluffy’s toe beans upside down, you’ll notice that they sort of resemble tiny teddy bears. Just when you thought kitties couldn’t get any cuter!

They Have Scent Glands

Have you ever seen kitties using tree trunks to sharpen their claws? Fluffy wasn’t just taking care of her nails: she was also leaving scent markers for other cats to pick up. What, exactly, do our feline friends say in these messages? No one knows for sure, but it’s likely some type of territorial marking, such as Mittens Lives Here .

They’re Uneven

Cats have more front claws than back ones. This makes sense, as extra front claws would be quite handy for defense, climbing, and hunting.

They Haven’t Changed

Kitties have been our buddies and lap warmers for thousands of years. It doesn’t look like her feet—or her purrsonality—have changed very much in that time. Scientists have found several medieval religious manuscripts with telltale ink pawprints on the pages. It’s safe to say that Fluffy exasperated some poor monk that day! 

They’re Little Loofahs

If you have ever watched Fluffy bathing herself, you’ll likely see her rubbing her paws on her ears and face. Because her paws are a bit rough, this helps your kitty get dust and dirt off her fur.

Kitties Can Get Press-Ons

Does your furry little diva keep scratching your furniture? Get her claw caps, which are tiny press-on nails for kitties!

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