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Tips for Feeding Fluffy

July 1, 2021

Does your cat have a kitty meltdown when you’re just a little late with her breakfast … only to turn her nose up at what you put in her bowl? Our feline pals can be quite the little divas when it comes to food. A local Tipp City, OH vet discusses feeding Fluffy below.

Choose Good Food

One rule of thumb for feeding cats? Quality over quantity. Reading labels can be tricky, but once you get the gist, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions. There is a quick rule of thumb you can follow: choose brands that list meat, fish, and/or poultry first and most often on the label. Avoid brands with a lot of fillers, as well as those with high amounts of preservatives.

Make Changes Slowly

Kitties have quite delicate stomachs. Fluffy could get sick if you change her foods too quickly. Make adjustments slowly. At first, mix the new and old foods together. Then, gradually increase the percentage of the new foods.

Monitor Moisture Content

Kitties need proper hydration to stay healthy. Try to choose foods and treats with a lot of moisture. This is one area where canned food is better than dry. Ask your vet for more information.

Don’t Be Meowpulated

Fluffy is very, very cute … and she knows it. It’s hard to resist your adorable furry friend when she is crying for food. However, that plaintive meow could be a lie. If your kitty is getting pudgy, but turns into a drama queen whenever her bowl is empty, you may need to steel yourself. Cats are very, very good at wrapping us around their little paws!

Watch For Whisker Sensitivity

Does your cat take her food out of her bowl, then drop it and eat it off the floor? Your furball may have whisker sensitivity. Fluffy’s face antennas are very delicate, so she may find it unpleasant to have them touching the sides of her bowl. Try giving your feline pal a small plate instead of a typical pet food bowl.

Check With Your Vet

Cats are all unique individuals. Your feline buddy’s age, health, weight, and lifestyle should all factor into her diet. Ask your vet for tips on feeding Fluffy, including portion sizes, safe and unsafe foods, and suitable treats.

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