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How To Keep Your Dog From Slipping

August 1, 2021

Is your canine buddy getting old? Is your pooch a senior dog, a large breed, and/or a bit of a clutz? Man’s Best Buddy is remarkably lithe and agile, but he’s by no means above taking the occasional spill. Dogs often wipe out on slippery floors, or sometimes on wet or icy surfaces. This can be quite dangerous, as it can lead to serious injuries. In this article, a Tipp City, OH vet offers some advice on how to keep Fido from falling.

Nail Trims

Dogs use their nails for traction. Overgrown claws can interfere with the way Fido’s paw pads contact the ground. They also put a lot of strain on your canine pal’s bones and joints. Keep your pup’s nails clipped!

Toe Fur

Those adorable tufts of fur Fido has between his toes may be part of the problem. They, too, can contribute to slips and falls. You may need to cut these back.


There are actually quite a few products made specifically to keep dogs from slipping. These range from paw waxes to paw grip pads to toe grips to claw caps. Ask your vet for recommendations. Of course, you’ll have to let Fido weigh in as well. Paw socks won’t be much help if your furry best friend refuses to walk in them!

Keep Fido Fit

This one is important for many reasons, aside from just preventing falls. That said, extra weight makes falls both more likely and more dangerous. Fido will also be more agile, and able to catch or correct himself, if he’s in good condition. 


Does your four-legged friend tend to slip in a certain area? Sharp corners can be hard for some dogs. Others may have trouble in spots where floors are uneven, or on specific types of flooring. Setting out area rugs and carpet runners can help quite a bit with this. If you have stairs, you may need to get stair runners for them. Pay extra attention to spots near Fido’s bed and food bowls.


Winter is an especially dangerous time for pups that are prone to slipping. Get pet-friendly products to help melt ice and improve traction. Don’t forget to wear boots with good tread yourself as well!

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