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Wolfenoot With Kids

November 15, 2021

Did you know that Wolfenoot is coming up on November 23rd? If not, you’re certainly not alone. Wolfenoot is a fairly new doggy holiday, but it’s one that we are already ‘over the moon’ for. Here, a Tipp City, OH vet goes over the basics of this ‘pawspicious’ occasion.

A Charming Tail

First and foremost, we probably need to explain what Wolfenoot is. The unofficial holiday was started just a few years ago by a little boy in New Zealand. His mom quickly got on board with promoting it, and the puparazzi soon caught wind of the event. Now all sorts of dog lovers are ‘singing’ its praises.

On The Hunt

Wolves, as we all know, are formidable hunters. What better way to celebrate them than by having a scavenger hunt? Hide small presents for anyone who has been kind to dogs and/or wolves. Of course, you can also stash a few things for your canine pal to sniff out.


Thanksgiving is associated with turkey, just as Independence day is big for burgers. For Wolfenoot, red meat should be the main menu. Why? Because that’s what wolves eat! (Vegetarians can of course choose plant-based substitutes.) Don’t forget about dessert. That should be a round vanilla cake decorated with white or yellow frosting to look like the full moon. Bear claws are also not inappropriate.

Story Time

Are your children still young enough to enjoy a bedtime story? There’s an official Wolfenoot story book! It was written by the little boy who came up with the idea. It tells the story of the Spirit of the Wolf. Of course, any book or movie featuring Man’s Best Friend—and/or his wild cousins—will work.

Paying It Forward

The true meaning of Wolfenoot isn’t about eating meat or cake: it’s about being kind to animals. There are many ways you can do that, even from home. You can donate or volunteer at a local shelter or animal charity. Another easy option is to just spread the word. Share posts on social media about Wolfenoot and/or dogs that need homes. Of course, the ultimate way to honor the Spirit of the Wolf is to adopt a pup. That’s a big decision, though, so think it over carefully. 

Have A Howlin Wolfenoot! (That’s the official saying, by the way.) Please contact us, your local Tipp City, OH animal clinic, anytime!

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