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4 Great Ways To Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

December 1, 2021

Did you adopt your pet from a shelter? If so, you may want to get your furry buddy a special treat or a new toy this week. December 5th is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day! Quite a few of our patients are former shelter pets that are now living their best lives as pampered, beloved animal companions. We love seeing homeless pets getting second chances! Here, a Tipp City, OH vet offers some tips celebrating this ‘pawesome’ occasion.

Support Your Local Shelter

Shelters are often hard-pressed to find the money and resources to care for their furry wards. There’s just no end to the numbers of abandoned, rescued, and surrendered pets coming through their doors. Donations are always both needed and welcomed. Money is of course the most common type of donation, but you can also drop off supplies, such as toys, food, bedding, and litter. You can also look into volunteering or even fostering. Of course, every shelter has different needs and policies. Reach out to a local one and see what their needs are. 


The best way to celebrate shelter pets is to adopt one. This isn’t something to rush into: when you adopt a pet, you’re making a lifelong commitment to care for your new furry friend. That said, if you think you are ready, go for it. It’s a wonderful thing to watch a pet just thriving with love and care.

Spread The Word

Signal boosts are another great way to celebrate shelter pets. Share the word about Celebrate Shelter Pets Day on social media. You can also upload some adorable photos of your own shelter pet. Another option is to repost posts of shelter pets that are up for adoption. Who knows? You may very well change that one lucky dog or cat’s life with a few keystrokes!

Spoil Your Pet

Did you adopt a shelter pet? Do something to make your furry best friend’s day extra special. Toys and treats are always good options. A new bed would brighten up Fido or Fluffy’s day as well. Purrs and tail wags are truly precious, and the unconditional love pets offer can be absolutely life-changing. These things are definitely worth celebrating! 

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