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World Wildlife Day With Kids

March 1, 2022
World Wildlife Day is coming up on March 3rd. As you probably know, we’re usually focused on pets. However, we also love and care for their wild kin. If you have kids, this is a wonderful chance to instill an appreciation for wildlife into them. Here, a Tipp City, OH veterinarian lists some great ways to celebrate this special day with your little ones.

Backyard Beautification

Taking small steps to make your place a small sanctuary for critters such as birds, bees, and even bats doesn’t need to entail massive projects. It can be as simple as planting some flowers or putting up a birdhouse. You don’t even need a yard: even small balconies often have room for plants and flowers.

Visit A Zoo

Has it been a while since you’ve been to the Columbus Zoo? Take some time and bring the kids! Or, if you prefer to stay in, look for virtual tours of other zoos. Most major zoos offer online experiences and/or wildlife cams.

Nature Walk

Spring is still a few weeks off, but it may be warm enough to visit a park or trail and look for what’s around. You probably won’t see as many wild critters as you would in summer, but there will still be birds and squirrels about. Download a birdwatching app, and see what the kids can identify.


Litter is still a huge problem. If volunteering on a cleanup crew doesn’t sound very appealing, take time to talk to your kids about littering, and explain how it hurts wildlife and the environment. This is also a good time to instill beneficial habits, such as cutting the plastic rings that hold beverages together.

Arts and Crafts

Have the kids do a project about their favorite wild animals. This can be as easy as picking up a coloring book about wildlife, or having them write a poem or story about them.

Bedtime Story

Are your kids still young enough to enjoy being read to? Pick a great wildlife-themed book or story. (Tip: Where The WIld Things Are counts.)

Movie Time

Ready to wind down? Pick a wildlife-themed movie! Madagascar, Rio, and Happy Feet are all great family-friendly classics. My Octopus Teacher is also amazing, though it’s a bit of a tearjerker. As your Tipp City, OH animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing great veterinary care. Contact us anytime!
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